At Mr Eco, we align ourselves with the best quality products and manufacturers. We believe that you get what you pay for, and we pay for quality products and fantastic warranties, that are also great value for money. We have built up great relationships with our suppliers and can have the ability to pass on these benefits to our clients.

When it comes to electrical accessories, we use Voltex an Australian electrical and data direct-to-contractor supplier with no shopfronts, providing a user-friendly online presence, personal service, and a comprehensive range of high-quality products. They are passionate about good people and good values.

Voltex Electrical, as the manufacturer, controls the design, build, certification, and warranty of Voltex products. Their passion is to deliver maximum value in high-quality compliant product and provide practical support and outstanding customer service direct to electrical contractors.

The 25-year warranty isn’t just a number, it’s a carefully calculated term that everything is based on, from design stage forward.

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