Solar Services

As a Registered Clean Energy Council Retailer & Installer, Mr Eco believes Solar panels not only need to work efficiently, they need to be aesthetically appealing. We take great care in installing systems in a symmetrical manner to blend them in with your home as best as possible.

We tailor the systems to our client’s needs to ensure the right balance between price, functionality, and performance. When assessing and quoting your system, we measure and confirm the layout and price before your system is installed. This ensures there will be no surprises come installation day. You will be provided with an accurate calculation of your energy-saving and how this translates to payback time, as return on investment is important when investing in Solar. And importantly, we monitor your systems remotely. This means we know of any issues well before you receive a rude power bill.

Once a system is installed, ongoing maintenance is required. At Mr Eco, we recommend a biannual clean and review of your system. We ensure that there is no water getting into various parts such as the DC Isolator, wiring is secure, the inverter is functioning correctly, and Panels are clear of earth faults. And of course, we give the system a good clean.

25-year replacement warranty
The products Mr Eco provides have up to a 25-year replacement warranty. Our inverters can be serviced remotely by the manufacture, making fault-finding very simple and convenient.

Solar Service

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